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First Free Gift

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Welcome to the exciting process of designing and creating change in your life. The logo to the left represents your life filling with continued pages of life experiences. These pages make up your legacy. Life takes you down many unexpected paths. How you react determines your success. The more tools you have to refine your thoughts and actions, helps you navigate your activities. 

This first free gift is the Transcript of the first 4 videos you listened to.  Now you have the opportunity to review what you heard. Think about and answer each question that applies to your life.  You get to take a serious look at yourself and your level of thinking. You now start your self-audit, a personal evaluation of your journey. This will help you to form a strong foundation to find areas of your life you want to change and improve.

When you enroll in the PLB Academy, you will receive the transcript for the last 6 videos in the opening series. The transcript has 47 of the 101 questions.

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